Lonestar Acoustics has been helping companies reduce distractions and improve privacy for more than a decade with our state-of-the-art commercial sound masking systems and white noise systems.  

We understand that each facility is different so we will customize a system specifically for you. 

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Sound masking is based on the phenomenon that when "low level background noise" is added to an environment, intruding speech and noises are less intelligible. The term white noise is widely used when referring to speech privacy or sound masking systems, although these systems don't actually use white noise.

The technology behind "sound masking" came out of the realization by scientists and engineers that "oral privacy" is actually a simple matter of making speech "unintelligible". That is, if each of us can't understand what the other is saying, we effectively have established "oral privacy" - even though we may still be able to see and, to some extent, hear each other.

Sound masking "fills in" the sound spectrum around you with barely perceptible "low level noise", so that speech is rendered unintelligible. It's actually designed to sound like typical office air conditioning noise, so that you won't notice it. In other words, it's a gentle "whooshing" sound.

The VoiceArrest Sound and Speech Privacy System provides state-of-the-art sound masking for office and other open spaces. This system is ideal for: 

  • Call centers
  • Hospitals and physician's offices
  • Banks
  • Open office areas, with or without cubicle barriers
  • Private offices with inadequate sound proofing
  • Clinics and counseling offices
  • Law offices
  • Military SCIF's

The Voice Arrest System meets HIPAA, GLBA, PIPEDA, FCRA, Homeland Security, Patriot USA, CA-SB1 and other new state and federal privacy requirements.

Reducing Distractions
Our modular digital technology is the only solution on the market that offers a simple, centrally-located method of sound privacy level adjustment without sacrificing effectiveness. There's nothing to program and no extensive operator training is required. Other systems require extensive balancing and level adjustment at each individual emitter, resulting in higher installation and maintenance costs.
Protecting Sensitive Conversations
The purpose of sound masking hallways, waiting rooms and open areas outside of conference rooms and enclosed offices, is to insure the confidentiality of conversations from within those areas. It prevents people at water coolers, in the hallways or in the common areas from overhearing potentially sensitive information through the open doorways or closed doors of nearby offices.
HIPAA Oral Privacy Regulations
As of April 2003 all healthcare facilities and institutions must demonstrate that they have "reasonably safeguard[ed] protected health information (PHI) -- including oral information -- from any intentional or unintentional use or disclosure that is in violation of the rule, see ยง164.530(c) (2)" -- the U.S. Office of Civil Rights. HIPAA Privacy Rules require implementation of administrative, technical, and physical means to safeguard protected patient health information, including oral communications. The new oral privacy regulations effect anyone handling (PHI), including hospitals, physician's, counselors, pharmacies, billing agencies and even employers.
CA-SB1 -- GLBA -- PIPEDA -- Oral Privacy Regulations
With the recent and pending enactment of state, national and international laws regarding privacy (including oral) as it pertains to personal information, institutions are faced with the need to significantly increase their levels of speech privacy. With the VoiceArrest Speech Privacy System, it is possible to achieve "normal speech privacy" (AI<0.2) at 12 ft. using only 48 decibels, rather than the typical 51 to 54 decibels required by other sound masking systems. This makes compliance with current and pending oral privacy regulations simple and cost effective.


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